BAA Board News: Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

Notes from Your Board President:

No organization can not only exist, but also be productive, without all those many unsung volunteers who work tirelessly for the greater good. Buenaventura Art Association is no exception.

During the course of this last year, many of our fellow artists have spent much time over their minimum requirements to help in many ways: hosting, hanging and taking down shows, helping to take in entries, putting out our newsletter, filing and other office tasks, working on publicity, cleaning and filing, fundraising, presenting children’s activities, extending our social media presence, patching and painting after our group shows, and being an emergency fill-in for our gallery. For these and other activities throughout the year, I would like to thank:

Alison Gabel - Anne Graca - Carol Simson - Carolyn Occhuzzo - Dave Hodge - Dawn Reily - Diane Hanley - Doug Fossati - Gina Niebergall - Janet Black - Joyce Lombard - Julianne Martin - Karen Wu - Kitty McGinnis - Lis…

BAA Board Update: November 2017

Notes From Your Board President:

I'm writing this on November 1st, which in some circles is known as Day of the Dead. The hoopla that surrounded Halloween has now opened the doors to a holiday season full of activity, and your Buenaventura Art Association will be no different. 
First of the list, mark a big red bow around Sat. December 9. That's when we will have our annual party, and this year we've combined it with fundraising and a charity to benefit children, so I know, absolutely!, that you'll want to participate. Your board members Deborah De Bono and Margie November have been working with Kitty McGinnis to make the party details a success. 
And on that note... BAA will be looking for several members who wish to donate a small art piece for our party raffles. If you're so inclined, please contact Deborah, me, Sharon or Kitty either directly or through this blog, to let them know. I'm going to be donating some art and six baskets which will hold goodies for t…

Membership Benefits: Solo Shows, short videos

Ever considered a solo show? Easy. All shows are planned the previous year and consist of the Red Wall and Dooley Gallery. Contact the gallery for more information or sign up on Signup Genius
The Red Wall is what you see when you first enter the gallery and this month watercolor artist Lorna Amundson has that space. Listen to what she says about two of her pieces on the Red Wall.

Tomi Murphy's solo show Faces and her signature piece has an interesting story. Watch video to understand the inspiration to this piece. These three artists are on display in the gallery until November 11. 

Membership Benefits: Showing your art, a short video

The premier benefit of being a Buenaventura Art Association member is Member Only Shows. The shows are juried by an outside artist and run approximately a month in conjunction with the Solo Gallery Shows. Next year your association, in response to member comments, will offer two unjuried shows.

Kitty McGinnis is the Gallery Manager for both locations and also a member. At the reception for the current member show I asked her to talk about one of the images she is displaying. Last show Kitty was one of the two artists awarded the special Merit Award giving them both a chance to have a display of a few unjuried pieces; a tiny solo show.

BAA Board 2017-18

The Buenaventura Art Association Board for 2017-18. Big thanks to these wonderful members for their commitment to the organization and their fellow members, working to make BAA the best it can be for the members and the community.

Membership Benefits: Try your artistic talents in a retail store

Easy way to try out your artistic talents in a retail store.Visit BAA's Harbor Village Gallery & Gifts to see members participating in a co-op setting. See the Artist of the month for September Harbor Village Gallery and Gifts is an arts enterprise of the Buenaventura Art Association.  As part of the BAA mission, G2 gives an opportunity to member artists to test the marketability of their art, improve their retail skills and promote the skilled and diverse art produced by local artists. G2 gives the participating artists a way to educate and encourage the appreciation of the arts. One space inside the gallery is open immediately.  Two spaces will be open later, one available October 1, and one available Dec. 1.  Different ways to try this out. 1) ONE MONTH TRIAL:  cost $50, 60/40 COMMISSION, 2 TIMES CO-HOSTING ONE WEEKEND. New members must have at least 3 months membership completed. Read other details on SignUp Genius: 2) SIX …

Membership Benefits: Selling your work while hosting

Membership benefit:  Selling your own work while you are hosting the gallery.
Do you take advantage of this great benefit? You can bring in your work to sell for the hours you are hosting. It’s like your own special private show. Here is some advice from BAA members that take advantage of this benefit.
Darlene Roker “For me, being able to bring in small items of my own to sell while hosting is a big bonus.” says Darlene. When hosting she brings in a small display of note cards or small canvas prints. Visitors will comment and then she can talk about her art and hopefully make a sale. 
Laura Walters Laura uses the desk or a small table to display her art while hosting. She also says,  “It’s great opportunity to see what it is people like, and purchase and what other artists are creating. It’s inspiring.” 
Lorna Amundson “I make eye contact with visitors, and after greeting them, often watch to see what catches their eye. What they are looking at is where I try to start a conversation.”