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Welcome to our Member Information Blog

Dear members,
This blog has been set-up to keep you updated with what is going on in our gallery and association. We feel that the blog format is more immediate and will get you the information you need ASAP! Please subscribe to our feed or come back often -- our board intends to keep you informed!

                   President:  Darlene Arcadi          Vice-President:  John Parker                    Secretary:  Donna ZaZa                    Treasurer:  Christine Beirne Members-At-Large: Deborah DeBono (membership) Debi Nowak-Hawkes (Harbor Gallery & Gifts; workshops) Nancy Raymond Margie November Laura Walters
Committees: The position highlighted in RED need to be filled ASAP. Exhibits/Installation: There are several components to this category. Volunteering for this broad category does not commit you all of the following! Hanging Committee: Lisa Skyheart Marshall & Gina NiebergallCMH AssistanceVolunteers help hang, check in artwork as well as install/unistall hardware on a…