Membership Benefits: Selling your work while hosting

Membership benefit:  Selling your own work while you are hosting the gallery.

Do you take advantage of this great benefit?
You can bring in your work to sell for the hours you are hosting. It’s like your own special private show.
Here is some advice from BAA members that take advantage of this benefit.

Darlene Roker
“For me, being able to bring in small items of my own to sell while hosting is a big bonus.” says Darlene. When hosting she brings in a small display of note cards or small canvas prints. Visitors will comment and then she can talk about her art and hopefully make a sale. 

Laura Walters
Laura uses the desk or a small table to display her art while hosting. She also says,  “It’s great opportunity to see what it is people like, and purchase and what other artists are creating. It’s inspiring.” 

Lorna Amundson
“I make eye contact with visitors, and after greeting them, often watch to see what catches their eye. What they are looking at is where I try to start a conversation.” 

What about you? Do you have any great ideas to suggest when hosting a shift at the gallery? Let us know.

If you haven’t had your Gallery Host training contact Kitty Mc Ginnis to register for the next class.

Already trained? Use the link to sign up for a shift. A lot can happen in three hours. 

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