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BAA Board News: Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

Notes from Your Board President:

No organization can not only exist, but also be productive, without all those many unsung volunteers who work tirelessly for the greater good. Buenaventura Art Association is no exception.

During the course of this last year, many of our fellow artists have spent much time over their minimum requirements to help in many ways: hosting, hanging and taking down shows, helping to take in entries, putting out our newsletter, filing and other office tasks, working on publicity, cleaning and filing, fundraising, presenting children’s activities, extending our social media presence, patching and painting after our group shows, and being an emergency fill-in for our gallery. For these and other activities throughout the year, I would like to thank:

Alison Gabel - Anne Graca - Carol Simson - Carolyn Occhuzzo - Dave Hodge - Dawn Reily - Diane Hanley - Doug Fossati - Gina Niebergall - Janet Black - Joyce Lombard - Julianne Martin - Karen Wu - Kitty McGinnis - Lis…